Traffic Intelligence

Unlock, share and analyze your traffic count and transportation data

Anytime access to all traffic count data

Unlock the value of your city department’s historical and current traffic count data through our easy to use cloud-based platform. Dynamically search and retrieve specified data through our built in GIS map or dynamic search.

Data from any collection method

Whether inductions loops, turning movement counts or video cameras, you have the ability to upload and access transportation data produced by any technology. A common data model is built that also has the ability to directly integrate with your sensor technology or database without need for importing.

Powerful predictive analytics

Reduce the time from data collection to analysis. Automatically calculate and run reports on important metrics for your traffic operations and traffic planning workflows including AADT and PHF. Have all the data at your fingertips to create reports for policy makers.

Peace of mind with data quality

Know about gaps in sensor reporting and learn in real-time when sensor technology stops transmitting data.  Our system will ensure more accurate reporting for data and flag aberrations ensuring you will have up to date and accurate information for your planning needs.

"The application helps us immensely in our day to day work here at the City of Surrey. It allows us to replace our very tedious and expensive data collection program by leveraging our existing infrastructure to provide real time traffic volumes without the need for any additional hardware in the field. With this application we will be able to look at real trends in our traffic growth and perform a new level of data driven analysis using a very easy to use tool."
Taylor SpraggsTraffic Engineer, City of Surrey