Gain a unified view and unlock the value of your city's traffic and transportation data

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Traffic Intelligence

UrbanLogiq Traffic Intelligence aggregates diverse data sets such as traffic counts, weather, infrastructure, mobile and accidents so that cites can predict congestion

Traffic Operations

Delivers insights into traffic count growth, road pavement needs, Peak Hour Factor (PHF) and notifies when traffic sensors go down

Transportation Planners

Understand multi-modal transportation trends across city networks, plan for future capacity needs by calculating metrics such as Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), and have the right data for traffic impact studies

City Planners & Economic Development

Have instant access to critical traffic count data and correlate with zoning, weather, population and land use information, resulting in a streamlined community planning process

Data Aggregation on the Cloud

Aggregates traffic data from multiple sources and provides easy central access to all historical traffic count data created by automatic and manual methods. Data can be uploaded via easy importing or directly connected to sensor devices via API’s

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Unified View for All Departments

A common, shared traffic count database is created that is online and accessible to all city departments. Pull up historical reports and export in PDF or CSV

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Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Reduce the time from data collection to analysis. Automatically calculate and run reports on important metrics for your traffic operations and traffic planning workflows including AADT and PHF. Have all the data at your fingertips to create reports for policy makers

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Data Formats

The UrbanLogiq platform can integrate and support a variety of datasets in different formats





"Currently we log traffic count and other significant traffic signal data for approximately 2,000 detectors City-wide in one minute intervals. With UrbanLogiq, we can finally utilize the data for multiple visual and analytical processes."

– Jeff Bycraft, Senior Traffic Engineer with City of Richmond

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What our customers have to say

The City of Surrey selected UrbanLogiq to deploy a robust data aggregation, visualization and analytics platform to collate the City’s traffic count data being transmitted from 2,700 induction loop sensors.