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Learn the latest trends on data analytics innovation. We are here to help your city and government agency truly understand the state of the community.

Traffic Intelligence Product Brochure

UrbanLogiq unlocks the power of traffic related data and allows cities to truly understand trends in congestion. In this product brochure readers will learn:

  • the benefits of our Traffic Intelligence platform as it relates to: Traffic Operations, Transportation Planners, and City Planners
  • the common problems and challenges Traffic and Transportation departments face today
  • UrbanLogiq's approach to solving those problems
  • why UrbanLogiq is a leader in the Traffic & Transportation intelligence space space

Traffic Intelligence
Economic Development Product Brochure

Economic Development Product Brochure

Better understand the economic health of your community through data. In this product brochure you will learn:

  • the 3 steps for smarter strategic decision making
  • Economic Development and Urban Planning use cases that UrbanLogiq's platform supports
  • how to apply UrbanLogiq's 4 A's to Economic Development and Planning
  • why UrbanLogiq is the leading provider in Economic Development intelligence

Traffic Intelligence Case Study

Learn how UrbanLogiq helped one of North America’s fastest growing cities aggregate all their traffic data into a centralized platform resulting in easily accessible data, real-time calculations, and huge time and cost savings.

Readers of this case study will learn how UrbanLogiq helped the City of Surrey:

  • Aggregate 2,700 induction loop sensors across 300 intersections and 10+ years of historical manual count data into a single GIS system
  • Automate Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT), Peak Hour Factor (PHF), and sensor integrity reports with a few simple clicks
  • Access all their traffic data in one centralized place and share it across departments within the city
  • Reduce the need for manual count programs by leveraging their existing infrastructure – without any additional hardware

Traffic Intelligence
Vision Zero Strategies by UrbanLogiq

Vision Zero Product Brochure

Better understand how to achieve critical road safety initiatives through holistic visual analysis, and data-driven intervention. In this product brochure you will learn how to:

  • Visualize your crash data in space and time
  • Identify contributing factors that lead to traffic-related fatalities
  • Understand the contextual environment
  • Predict the likelihood of a crash given historical data
  • Prevent crashes through proactive countermeasures

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