“Predict the Traffic” At BCTech Summit: Vancouver Tech Startup Brings Deep Learning to Solve BC Traffic Woes

Herman Chandi at BCTech Summit 2018
Herman Chandi, co-founder of UrbanLogiq, pictured at the 2018 BCTECH Summit presenting UrbanLogiq's deep learning platform.

May 16, 2018

VANCOUVER, BC – Vancouver-based UrbanLogiq demonstrated the ability to predict traffic along highways across the province of BC at the BCTECH Summit. Utilizing a proprietary deep learning process, the company was able to prove that predicting traffic is possible and that the intelligence is actionable for government officials to make BC a more connected, mobile, and safer province.

At the BCTECH conference, Herman Chandi, co-founder of UrbanLogiq, spoke about and demonstrated UrbanLogiq’s ability to model where people come from and where people are going when they use the Port Mann Bridge. This function was built into a broader cloud-based platform, designed for government officials, that also incorporated analysis of highway traffic volume, speed, collision incidents, and sensor accuracy.

“Today begins a new era of traffic management and planning,” says Mark Masongsong, CEO and co-founder of UrbanLogiq. “UrbanLogiq has demonstrated that 21st century data science and analytics are not only applicable to government and public outcomes but that they are accessible to government. We plan on scaling this up and out to the broader marketplace immediately so that traffic engineers, transportation planners, and elected officials across North America can better understand, analyze, and act upon the changing patterns of movement in and around their communities.”

“It’s a very promising day for government technology and its potential to solve mobility issues that are prominent in growing communities across North America,” says Herman Chandi, co-founder. “It was really important for us that we designed this platform to support the workflows of public servants. They are the people dealing with these massive traffic problems but don’t have the tools and technologies to effectively do so. At UrbanLogiq, we’ve set out to fix that.”

UrbanLogiq helps governments build better communities with data. With offices in Vancouver and New York, we work with public servants to aggregate data that is fragmented in silos to create a unified view of a community and then utilize artificial intelligence to derive insights to help governments make faster, cheaper and more accurate decisions.

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