Monitor the key factors that affect the health and changes to your local neighborhoods and industries

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Economic Intelligence

UrbanLogiq Economic Intelligence aggregates diverse data sets such as business licenses, industries, zoning rules and population demographics, so that cities can understand the underlying economic health of neighborhoods and project how a community's evolving nature may impact business risks

Transportation Planners

Explore relationships between traffic patterns and economic behaviour and gain insights on how population and business changes, driven by economic factors, may result in changing transportation modes

City Planners

Examine patterns behind population and business behaviour and project how a community's evolving population may impact industry opportunities and risks

Economic Development

Visualize registered businesses and their industry classification. Run analytics and trend analysis on how industries and neighborhoods are behaving at a granular level

Understand Local Economic Changes

Aggregates economic and business data from multiple sources and provides easy central access to monitor industry and business changes over time.

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Modern Data Sources from the Internet

Track internet behavior such as social media sentiment analysis and internet search terms to indicate changing economic moods at a neighborhood level

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Predictive Analytics and Reporting

Reduce the time to prepare economic reports for City Council. Automatically calculate and run reports on important metrics for Economic Development. Have all the data at your fingertips to create reports for policy makers

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Data Formats

The UrbanLogiq platform can integrate and support a variety of datasets in different formats





“We look forward to matching our database with the staff skills and tools developed by UrbanLogiq so we can finally utilize the data for multiple visual and analytical processes.”

– Jeff Bycraft, Senior Traffic Engineer with City of Richmond

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What our customers have to say

The City of Surrey selected UrbanLogiq to deploy a robust data aggregation, visualization and analytics platform to collate the City’s traffic count data being transmitted from 2,700 induction loop sensors.