Urban Intelligence for City Planning

UrbanLogiq unlocks the power of data to make city planning faster and more accurate

The UrbanLogiq platform integrate datasets that are siloed in government, adds public, private and Internet data sources, and applies analytics and machine-learning algorithms to make city planning faster, cheaper and more accurate

Geospatial data dashboard

Gain spatial insights into city data and have a birds eye view of important information for day to day decisions for your department. 

Break down data silos

We work with all your existing data via open data portals, closed API’s and file backups in a variety of supported formats

Full analytics and reporting

Cut down on manual work and expensive consultants by having one central place to analyze data and produce reports

Cloud based and easy to use

Our easy-to-use cloud platform provides insights into a variety of datasets with a few simple clicks

Meet Our Customers

Learn how our Urban Intelligence Platform is helping governments have a on-demand information about their city.

Traffic and Transportation

The UrbanLogiq Traffic Intelligence module provides instant analysis and reports on all historical and live traffic count data for transportation and traffic planners:

Real-time insights into traffic data

Uncover trends in your transportation network to discover efficient ways to manage traffic and help make informed decisions for planning growth

Industry standard metrics

Automate current traffic management metrics like AADT, average hourly traffic, and daily average traffic

Streamlined internal workflow

Streamline internal collaboration by sharing traffic data and reports with other departments in your city

Analyze data from any technology

Aggregate and visualize data collected from your advanced traffic management system, as well as different traffic count technologies (induction loops, cameras, count stations) to get a holistic understanding of your day to day traffic patterns.


Economic Development

The UrbanLogiq Economic Intelligence module provides fast, accurate insights into industry land use and business changes occurring in your targeted neighbourhoods

Track and visualize business data

Simplify your workflow and save time by tracking relevant granular business data 

Early warning signs for the economy

Actionable intelligence and early warning indicators in order to help businesses stay and protect jobs

Understand economic impact

Analyze business changes to identify opportunities and risks to community growth

Metrics for Economic Development

Gain insights and generate reports for businesses created, displaced and closed throughout the year


Case Study

Unlocking the Value of Traffic Count Data

Read how the City of Surrey utilized data from 3,000 traffic sensors to rapidly improve traffic and transportation planning processes

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